27 Jul 2013




Length check: 07/13

My hair grew pretty quick! The average all around is 5 inches in 7 months. The average in a year is 6 inches! So I am pretty pleased!

7 months!

Book arrived!

10 Jul 2013

A bit of hair inspiration...

This will be me in the future LOL. Amen!

Week 4 growth.

I am definitely going to do these chunky afro-textured twists again! I love them and I was brave enough to try them in red and I ended up receiving loads of compliments from strangers. Since I've gone natural, I seriously cannot not touch the straight Expressions material. I only go for afro-textured - it is similar/like my own hair texture and it looks more natural! I am in love! These took less than 1 hour to do and twists are just too convenient it's unbelievable. So yeah, twists over braids.

I am currently week 4 into the protective style and I could leave it until 6 weeks. I love my new growth:

I moisturise with my tiny spray bottle weekly. The humidity this summer is awesome and I found last time that when I moisturised about every 3 days my hair got dirtier much quicker. In my spray bottle is water, a few drops of my Elasta QP Leave-in conditioner and few drops of my hot oil mixture: castor oil, jojoba oil and peppermint oil. This mixture has kept my hair so amazingly moisturised and healthy!