1 Jan 2014

Kinky Curly Knot Today Review

On thursday after I came back from Holland I took down my twists as they had been itching. I had them in for exactly 30 days and this is why I love doing singles because I can track and see my hair growth at the root! Whereas when i have my hair out it sometimes feels like my hair isn't growing.

It was wash day so as I do, I detangle with a conditioner before I twist them up snd wash and condition in the twists. I detangled with my detangling cocktail mixture:
- water
- a 5cm strip of KCKT leave in

This mixture was magic! I'm telling you, my 4C hair was never detangled this easy! I was so happy! Lisa even came over and she saw how easy the combs glid through my tiny curls. I for once, actually enjoyed my wash day. It was blissful. The great reviews about kinky curly knot today are true - this product is magic! I had been suffering unecessarily for too long with my hair. It gives it such a slippery slip that even the hairs want to looses before my hand touches them. I don't care about the price, anything that makes my wash day a joy is worth buying again. Please don't stop this product. It smells great, has a minimum ingredient list and contains all natural stuff. Perfect! Definitely the best detangler. Try it!

I added the ACV because my hair was obviously dirty and I needed it to loosen up the dirt while conditioning at the same time.