26 Apr 2015

I love my bob! :)

There is nothing better than a suited style, that protects my hair growth and literally takes no time of my day. If you want to read about my short and simple regimen, see previous posts.

Daily regimen: Brush and comb out. Done.



I have received so many great compliments! To my friends not being able to recognise me, to them thinking my natural hair had grown so long (although similar in length) to them thinking I did a blow out! It looks natural, and I am super pleased. On the other hands, as much as I had friends who were sad that I cut my hair, most of them were happy for me, and liked this protective style :)


I have never had problems wearing wigs...

My custom U-Part Wig, November, 2014:
I made my own u-part wig in November, last year. This was my first time trying to make a wig and it came out so good. I will post pictures of the process in later posts. In the picture below,  I looked back and realise how much this style suited me. Also, it is almost the same length as my natural hair before I cut it.

AFTER: Cutting Hair April 2015 - Back to my u-part wig.

I cut all of my hair, but I left a middle part as a leave-out for my U-Part wig. I would straighten this leave-out to blend it in.
I went to my aunts salon so she could give me a professional sew-in and straightening (although I could do it myself and at home), there is just something brand new about having your hair pampered by someone else. My aunt braided around the perimeter of the U and braided a horizontal line at the bottom of my nape (as the hair was still long enough) and sew the hair around those perimeter. She then straighthened my leave-out and blended it in with the human hair. This hair is a kinky-textured hair.

My regimen: It stays the same (click the link above). I take out the wig every month and wash it, wash and condition my hair and put it back on. I avoid wetting the leave-out to try and maintain the straightness for two months. This keeps it healthy and definitely minimises heat damage. Currently, the hair underneath is not twisted up or anything, but as my hair grows, I will consider braiding it or twisting it down. I love this protective style!


AFTER: Cutting hair! :)

Although it is not too obvious in this picture, I left the middle part out to create a leave-out for my protective style. See following posts!



BEFORE: Cutting hair (2/2)

BEFORE: Cutting hair (1/1)

I cut my hair!

Hey guys,

I know this will come as a huge surprise, but (sortof) even to me but I decided to cut my hair. Here are the reason why:
  • Two different textures: I slowly began to feel a new demarcation line between a new thicker, looser and softer growth was emerging and it was causing combing problems. I realised that all those years of 1-hour long relaxing had done some harm to my hair, and my hair really needs that time to regenerate. I am happy to start again. I have actually noticed my new growth as much softer and thicker.
  • Yolo! A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. I really just felt a beautiful urge to facilitate a fresh start in my life. I am about to be a graduate, get a job, travel and do many more things that have always been at the back of my mind. My hair has been such a huge part of my body maintenance in the last two years. I am not saying that that was a bad thing, or a waste, FAR from it! It has all been a learning experience - my two years natural hair journey. But with this new growth, I wanted to apply all of my knowledge experience to this new start. Ofcourse, keeping things very simple. It's just hair... but its not just hair. Hair continues to grow, and being able to mentally detach myself from my hair anxieties gave me huge pride, and immense liberation. Honestly, it feels liberating. I did not feel any anxiety about it, before or after. It still feels great, and I am glad to have seen how long my hair grew before I cut it. 
  • Time: Honestly, my hair was frustrating me also, after having bunned it up for a week, through the nights. Twisting up your hair everyday right before bed, is NOT easy. It takes effort, especially when you have readings and projects to be dedicated to in the evenings. At such a crucial period in my life, I needed time and space from my hair. And it felt liberating to be able to start this journey. My hair was tangled up, and I was frustrated with my texture because it likes to hug itself. But what I have learnt is that that's the nature of my texture. Just because it clumps together does not mean it is tangled up, it has no other choice. Did I have the time to dedicate to detangling this hair? No. That's fine.
  • Health > Length, always. It's normal to be obsessed with length when you first begin your journey, but once you have learned everything about your hair, and you become used to it, you embrace its presence and you realise that this hair is here to stay! (No more relaxers, ever). And because you are happy with that, you realise that its just hair. My hair continues to grow. What matters, is that our hair is healthy, regardless of what length it is at. We don't have to prove that black women cannot grow long hair anymore, our natural hair blogs 4chairinspiration.com attest to that! :)

I shall be posting pictures of before and after shortly. Also, I should be recording a video about it on my Youtube channel. I am not looking for support, and I may lose some followers, but I love that people follow youtubers for the journey, not for parts of the journey that they like. I learn equally from naturalistas of all lengths, styles and textures. It's all a journey. Our journeys are unique, despite our shared textures.