12 Jun 2015

My TWA Regimen

I still use the same products as shown in My Hair Regimen.

But now:
I spritz with water daily. 
Lock the moisture with cream and oil or butter.

Wash and condition every weekend in the shower - being able to wash your hair so quickly and effortlessly in the shower is amazing.

I feel great to be able to experience a low-cut/twa in my natural hair journey. When I initially transitioned, I cut it above twa length.

2 Jun 2015

New beginnings: The new regimen begins.

Cutting my hair down is so addictive. But June/summer has arrived and its time for me to start growing out this hair again. I am currently near bald but I miss my tresses! My hair feels soo soft and I cannot wait to feel the lengths again. Starting with a bentonite clay detox refresher treatment.