26 Dec 2015

Update 12/15

I cannot wait for my hair to grow long enough so that I can put into protective style mini twists. If there is any strategy that I can vouch for and say that it helped grow my hair during my previous journey, it would be doing mini twists. I loved doing them, because of their ease, their flexibility in styling and because of how much thicker my hair would be after I took them down. They are the perfect low manipulation hair style that offer styling options so you won't ever feel bored about keeping them in for 3-4 weeks. I cannot wait to put these tresses in twists but ofcourse I need some good length for that, which is soon.

I'll try and get back to my youtube recording. Since I have started my job, I have been so busy (doing a course every monday evening after work) and just wanting to relax after work, but I have been so inspired by this post on Humans of New York. I think it is the best post I have ever read. This man still feels energised and not only is he active, he refers to discipline as being key in his life. If you want to be consistent, be better at something, you require discipline. And I believe that's what school and university is for, to instil discipline by routine. That's why I need discipline for my natural hair regimen to flourish and for my youtube channel to flourish. Consistency is key in every aspect of life.

My goal for next year is to be consistent.

What has happened 2015

Here are a few pictures to highlight the events that have taken place so far this year:
- Found the love of my life (didn't know, now I do haha)
- I finished my finals
- I cut my hair!
- I celebrated my birthday
- I graduated
- I passed my driving and earned my driving licence
- I got my first job

And it was all amazing. It is definitely worthwhile to take some time to look back and reflect on the great moments, and really appreciate them and be grateful for them.

My birthday