7 Feb 2015

Hot Oil Treatments + No more combs!

One treatment in particular should just never be overlooked in your hair regimen - H.O.T.! I was just reminded by it after resuming it.

I recently came back to it, as I stopped because of the extra time it takes (but it actually doesn't take long, when incorporated into my prepoo routine) but now I am back at it. Result? I instantly felt an increased thickness and density in my hair. It's amazing. My hair feels thicker, soft throughout the week and more manageable. Who needs a volumising moisturiser product??

Combs: I was watching this informative youtube video about detangling and the woman spoke about the point of detangling - being not to separate the individual strands but to work through the hair. 4C hair naturally clumps together. I noted this. I had also been experiencing lots of single strand knots at the ends of my hair which lead to tangles. I will be trimming my hair next week, so that I can start this year ahead with a finger-only detangling method.

What's in my H.O.T: In my applicator bottle: jamaican black castor oil (75%), jojoba oil (20%) and rosemary oil (5%).

A typical wash day (updated and added to My Hair Regimen):
0) The night before: I prepoo my hair with coconut oil - softens up and conditions the hair in prep for detangling! I then use my applicator bottle with my Hot Oil mix to oil my scalp. This is left on the whole night until morning and it leaves me with super moisturised hair.
1) I detangle before anything: I fill in my spray bottle (with detangler & a little water) as my detangling liquid. I finger detangle. After detangling a section, I twist it up in mid-sized twists.
3) I shampoo my hair in the twisted sections to keep my hair from retangling. It's disaster otherwise.
4) Then I dry my hair with a shirt, apply conditioner and leave it for 30 mins-1 hr
5) After that I rinse it all out and with a final cold rinse and I am done.
6) I apply my leave-in and seal with almond oil. I apply castor oil to my ends and let it air dry into beautiful curls with a twist out or bantu knot out. This helps it to stretch out for any style during the week.