29 Mar 2014

Keep your hands off!

While some of you are busy worrying about other people touching and playing with your hair, I am worrying about myself. I keep touching, playing, fumbling and twisting my hair! I need to stop this because after on-going tension it just breaks off. This has happened so many times. I do it subconciously, maybe when I am bored or on my laptop. But it needs to stop before it turns into a habit and I have no edges left to play with. Yes, you read it right. my edges! my edges!

You know about my edges. Fragile? Yes. But my fingers can reach.
I need help.

Current hair goal: KEEP MY HANDS OUT OF MY HAIR.

It's good to start building healthy habits earlier on in your regimen.

28 Mar 2014

23 Mar 2014

List of 4C Hair Youtubers

There is a general lack of representation of 4C hairlistas on Youtube. I think it is important to increase representation, not just because equality is good, but also because the most kinkier texture probably deserves more help and advice. This is the reason why I joined Youtube so that I could share my help. Also, it seems like we probably need more advice than style - which means lengthier videos. We should also remember that there are many women still transitioning and we hope that more women enter this journey - so many women are still trying to grasp the basics!

I compiled a list of 4C naturals:
Chizi Duru
4C Hair Chick
Yunik Ritini

4C Bloggers 


Want more inspiration?

For me personally, while transitioning I have been watching natural hair videos from various youtubers with different textures. I did not have a delusioned view of what my hair could and could not do. I just knew it. I knew that my texture was not like hers and that there was nothing wrong with that. We should embrace diversity. My hair can do certain things that other hair textures cannot do. My hair has tighter curls and therefore probably needs more help and there is nothing wrong with that. I just need to learn and accept the differences. My hair is 4C and I love it.

21 Mar 2014

Trim time!

So it's been six months and I need to trim my hair. Next wash day.
I have specifically set my trimming time to every 6 months as the last time was in September. This is good because I can feel some hindrance in growth somewhere. I just know it. I can feel it. My hair speaks to me. It's time. Dusting will be fine.

Why I stopped the wig regimen

The hair journey is truly far from monotonous. I'm quite tired with how easily bored we  women can get with our hair. I think its inborn into us to be bored with a hair style after one week haha. I guess you can always have a protective hair style that can be switched up easily with accessories, whilst keeping it the same.

Why did I stop
I initially wanted to go a year with the wig regimen - in fact that's how much I loved it and was content with it. It was the most simplest regimen ever! However, I started to miss my beloved hair. I also felt like it hindered my relationships: people would compliment 'my hair' but it wasn't my hair! I know some people will say, euhh why are you worried then? I'm worried because I'm going to intern and volunteer during summer and aim to build long-term relationships. Your hair is a part of you and I feel like I want people to know the whole me. The wig is very far from how my own hair looks like in terms of size and texture. People in uni were asking me how I managed it and I had to fight myself in the dilemma between whether to lie or say the truth. Well, in front of 5 people curiously wondering about this big hair how do you say the truth? So that bugged me. Bear in mind, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the wig challenge/regimen, I only wasn't comfortable with the questions and wondering. I needed to make it easier on myself. I also did not have any problem with the size - I loved it. And who knows how big my own hair can get in the future. Honestly, I received sooooo many compliments with that hair its crazy that I would want to ditch it. However, I'll still keep it and wear it for occasions just because it looks so good on me.

Faux Bun

Hello! I watched a youtube video of the faux bun. I tried it. I loved it. It's perfect. I've been keeping bags of textured hair with me because I planned on doing long kinky twists but now I've found something great to use them for. You can clearly see the smile on my face in the previous pictures that I posted in the previous post. This bun, has been making people ask the right questions and assume the right things. I know I shouldn't care, but seeing that in a few years time, my hair will be able to bun up in the same manner with that texture - it makes me happy. People think its mine because there is literally no difference between the textures. I am super comfortable and I feel like people can really approach me. Also, I can protect/moisturise and care for my hair in the same way.

20 Mar 2014

New Protective Style

So many girls have come up to me to ask if this was my natural hair because they thought it was. WIN! 

7 Mar 2014

My regimen is ALL NATURAL!

Check out my Hair Duties list at the top to see the amazing products.

Remember that I bought lots of Shea Moisture products from America last year December... well, they've been working so well for my hair. The shampoo cleanses my hair squeaky clean!

Moisturiser: Shea butter mix + water
Shampoo: Shea Moisture Restorative Shampoo
Protein Conditioner: Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner or Mayonaise
Moisturising Conditioner: Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner
Leave-in/detangler: Kinky Curly Knot Today
Clarifier: Apple Cider Vinegar
Treatments: Hot Oil (JBCO, Castor, Jojoba & Rosemary oil), Garlic and onion treatment and Avocado and greek yoghurt hair mask.

Shea Moisture products are super effective and a little goes a long way so you get your money's worth! ACV cleanses my hair so well! There is no way for any sulphates, parabens, and any other harsh chemicals to enter my regimen or hair. My hair is doing great and I'm so proud of it. I thought that it wouldn't feel as clean as it could with a sulphate regimen, but no.

My hair is super healthy (compared to my relaxer times, uuh) and I love it. :)

How To: WIG Challenge for natural hair

 I decided to join the wig challenge for the year 2014 and hopefully last for a full year. I managed to find a really good natural looking synthetic wig by La Jay Vanessa ( my video review above). I have received soooo many compliments about this hair and how it suits me - from strangers and friends alike. I am in love with it. I only decided to buy it in the hair store when two women thought it was my real hair when I tried it on. I was like, really? Ching! Bought it in January.

Simple: Achieve optimal growth by saying no to manipulation.

My Wig Regimen:
  • Braid my hair in small sections (blog post) underneath wig.
  • Wash day after 30 days. Undo braids, detangle, hot oil, wash and condition. Then back into braids.
  • After 15 days, garlic and onion treatment and then co-wash to combat dryness!
  • Green House Method I cover my hair with a plastic cap at night, satin scarf to wrap around and a beanie cap for extra warmth. I wake up in the morning with damp and moisturised hair. I try to do this everyday.
  • Moisturise my hair every other day with my water and shea butter mix/castor oil. Castor oil is just the best oil for moisture for my hair! I've learned that my 4C hair just has a dry texture to it and there is nothing I can do about it. It's not a smooth surface so it won't reflect light and shine like straight hair.

& yes, I do miss my hair now and then. I have to keep myself from touching it but I'm good. Let me reach 2 years growth before I let it all out and surprise myself! I am too busy anyways.

Feel free to ask me any questions!
- Rose

Cant wait for my own bun side pic!

Hairspiration; Zoeallamby

Hairspiration: LifeisBeauty32

Hairspiration: Momoneymoni

Hi shrinkage!

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