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My name is Rose and I'm 20 years old, living in London. I never knew I would have so much interest in hair, well not until I recently learned how to plait and weave hair. I created this blog, as a personal tracker.

My hair has been through so much mismanagement. I do not think you want to know but I will tell you so that you can appreciate my journey much more:
- My hair was SUPER thin and short (it never grew past my shoulders)
- Overrelaxing (every strand from bottom to top, whereas you only needed to relax the undergrowths, knowing now) for an hour instead of 10 minutes
- Yes. It was that bad! Thank God for research.
- Over manipulation and heat every single time. Blow drying was my hair's frenemy.

After making this decision I have noticed how much me, personally, I don't know about other girls, but how much I have neglected and hurt (yes, it deserves personification) my own natural hair. See, because we are so full up with the fact that we will continue putting on weaves we neglect our own hair and what it takes to condition and take care of it. Some girls won't even leave their house if their natural hair is on show. I felt really bad when I realised how much the fake hair had taken precedence over my beautiful, God-given hair. I would like to reclaim the responsibility of taking care of it. We are so used to the fakeness, we have forgotten how valuable our own natural hair is. Our hair is part of us and we should keep caring for it. There's nothing wrong with weaves, I can see the many benefits and I have used them lots of times, but its a different story when you neglect your own hair.

However, on January the 15th, 2013 I made my decision to become fully natural and to go all the way. I have been looking at the pictures I took of my natural hair texture and I began to appreciate it so much more. Click here for a full post on why I decided to go on a transitioning journey. I felt like me starting with a healthy relaxed hair journey had helped me to establish a good foundation for this natural hair journey. Many of the healthy practices and tips I have learned to grow hair properly can be applied to  natural hair.

I have changed a few things on my blog (deleted relaxer etc. posts and not for example, shea butter whip posts) so you can still check out the good practices as I will continue to carry them out.

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August 2012 - healthy, relaxed hair journey
November 2012 - last relaxer
January 2013 - transitioning decision
June 2013 - chop
May 2015 - 2nd chop

Reasons why I ditched the weaves/extensions and started the hair journeys (old post, august 2012):
  • It is possible for girls, regardless of their race or genes to grow their hair surpassing shoulder length. I was surprised when I read this. African hair can grow if properly maintained and that’s the key. The natural, coily texture of our hair is fragile and frankly many are ignorant about what it takes for it to thrive. We are so used to weave, extensions because of the difficulties people face with thick, black hair. We need to appreciate it... it's uniqueness.
  • I am starting university in September 2012 and I feel a sense of maturity building up. I need to enter this new level with more of myself. Some people will not understand this but my hair has been in hiding under weaves and tracks, and not to mention heat. I need to respect my whole body and that includes my hair. Realisations in life are very crucial and I love it when they come.
  • The first time my weave started to itch was this month (august 2012). Apparently we are going to be experiencing an Indian summer this autumn and we have had a couple of days of intense heat. This heat had caused my weave to itch so much, like never before. I did not like it. I realised I need to change from this discomfort. I do not want to be patting my weave and itching it in public. In addition, the whole act of using a needle to sow fake hair into your real hair is detrimental, now I look at it. Healthy hair is what we should aim for.
  • I have seen others. I know it is possible for black girls to grow their hair surpassing their shoulders. The envy I feel when I see the beautiful, long and natural black hair has encouraged me to want to start a journey of my own. To be different. We are so used to weaves, we need to start making changes. I also realised the reason my hair hasn't been growing long is because of the overuse of chemicals in the previous years and I realised when I decreased that use it had become much thicker. I want to continue it like that.
  • What's not to love about natural?  Natural is the best way to go and it will not do your hair harm.
  • I am prepared to be determined, patient and assertive when it comes to this goal. My reason for naming this a 'project' exceeds the mere need to sound professional. It helps me realise that it means PROGRESS.
  • After learning how to plait hair, which I am very proud of, I wanted to be more involved with my own hair. I respected it more. I think we need to respect our bodies and take care of it as much as we can.  
  • There are so many styles that we can do with our natural hair. People like using weave because of the many possibilities that come from it - long, curly, coloured, wavy etc. Natural hair can do those things too, if you allow it to. Obviously, you can grow it, you can curl it up on 1/4 side at the front of your hair and pack up the rest [see/google my maintenance products; Phillips], cornrow one side, colour it (no to harsh colouring/or prolonged and frequent colouring as I've seen my natural-hair friends colour theirs), ''hill the front up'' using a bobby pin etc. I am not saying no to chemicals or straighteners because they can give your hair a nice look but you should know what type of chemicals and what heat settings are good etc. Too much of something can be bad. Natural hair is a beauty to behold.
  • Simply put, I want to be able to move my fingers through my long, beautiful hair and feel good. Oh yes.

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