6 Sep 2012

Protective styling: Braids.. one last time?

Okay so I've read a few hair blogs and I've heard the word of mouth that single braids help to grow and thicken hair, since you don't have to tamper your hair in its protective state. I have seen the positive results of some women's before and after pictures and I want to try mine. This is the second time I am doing proper single braids. I took a progress picture of my hair before this hairdo and then before I start uni I will take a picture of my hair after the braids. I will keep them in for about 3 weeks (before I start uni) to see the effects of them. I love them, and really long too. My cousin did them for me, she started while I continued to finish off the braids. Before and after the hair-do she rubbed in some indian hemp (full of many natural oils) and coconut oil, making sure my hair was very well moisturised.

 If I like the results, I may consider them in another like 3 months as some sort of treatment.

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