14 Apr 2013

My new and permanent Shea Butter mixture! I LOVE IT!

So I was inspired by Naptural85's shea butter mix video and I made both the fluffy and the oily one. Finally, got it to be fully! So happy. This is because I did not melt it before and I whipped it up so well with the machine + I think it's important that you put the cream in a clear glass as long as it is clear. I have found that it solidifies a lot more when it is in a darker cup which is why the cream in my small pink cup is a bit more solid than Whitney's (Nap85) one. This will be my one and only moisturiser for my hair! As I said before, I want to minimise the chemicals in my regimen and this cream is simply 100% natural!

I have made alot of changes to my regimen since I have been transitioning. Changing products is part of the journey but you feel a lot happier when you have found something that you know you will settle with for good! Shea butter moisturises my hair so amazingly. I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT.

What's in my shea butter mix:
- shea butter
- tbsp coconut oil
- tbsp castor oil
- tbsp jojoba oil
- tbsp almond oil + vitamen E included (this is super moisturising! I love almond oil both for my skin and hair because its one of the very few light oils that superbly moisturises the body, never gives me spots and can help to lighten lips and dark circles around the eye
- tsp lavender oil (gives a great smell!)

I did not add olive oil or peppermint oil (from my stash) since I have incorporated these in other parts of my regimen (hot oil treatment) and I find olive oil too conventional. Spray water and then moisturise with shea butter. This is definitely about a healthy hair journey and youtube has helped alot !

Also the best tip I have ever heard (by DearNap85) is to have fun with your hair! It is hair, it will grow! It will always grow!

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