21 Oct 2012

Update 21/10/2012

Hello guys!
I am so sorry I haven't posted anything in a long while. I have been absolutely busy and if I'm honest it has had an impact on the amount of time I have given towards caring for my hair. This is one of the responsibilities of natural hair, you have to make way and give time to take care of it. I have been consumed by many things, including university, work and trying to organise those things and my life. Sometimes I would find that I just don't have time to do hot oil treatments. It has been raining heavily for the past weeks and my hair has been a victim of acid rain

I haven't updated you on my hair post-braids. I took out my braids and my hair came out a lot thicker which I was very pleased about. Also, I have revised my regime and I should be reducing the relaxing time span from every 4 months to every 3 months. I have alot of undergrowth, even right now, as I am typing this up. I have exactly one month to go then, until I relax. And ofcourse, I shall be relaxing only the undergrowth (I used to relax my whole head before, I know, horrible :(...) and I might even consider getting it relaxed professionally at the hair dressers. I bond/tie my hair up a couple of days a week to avoid the ends friction with the clothes on the shoulder. I seal every day with jojoba/lavender oil.

So yeah. Right now, I just finished washing and conditioning my hair and I packed it up. It will be dry by the time I wake up tomorrow. I decided to do it this morning 1am rather than later today when I would be busy. I will make it. I will find my balance. My hair is always on my mind. I have noticed growth too! Can't wait to post up progress pictures after relaxing it!

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