23 Nov 2012

New addition to my regimen: ACV

Hi guys, I am going to purchase Apple Cider Vinegar and I hope to be able to find a natural one. I have been reading about this solution here and there but until a friend of mine at uni mentioned it to me I didn't realise how beneficial it is to hair. I found a couple of articles.

Will not interfere with color.  Color safe.
Encourages healthy hair growth.
Prevents dandruff and scalp itch.
Kills fungus and bacteria & cleans dirty scalp.
Removes build up from hair and scalp.
Dissolves DHT residue.
Nutrients nourish follicles.
Unclogs follicles.

How To Use:

Once a month or bi-weekly to remove build up and to maintain your scalp & hair health. Pour 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar added to 2 cups of water. Use it as a final shampoo rinse.

Apple Cider Wonders:
 It is the bomb for removing styling build up from the hair such as too much conditioner, hairspray build-up, etc. It really cleanses the hair and scalp without leaving it dried out. All natural with no harmful chemicals. The Organic Apple Cider Vinegar rinse clarifies and restores shine.  This sort of hair and scalp rinse is a ‘Natural Gal’s’ must have.  It is also a commodity for those with relaxed or over processed hair.     The best part about an Organic Apple Cider Vinegar rinse is the removal of buildup and the cleansing properties it provides.  There are those who also like to make their own Apple Cider scalp rinses.  With a blend of herbs and organic apple cider vinegar, this too can be done.  The Hair Champagne by hairbesilk.com is a truly amazing product.  It Softens hair without stripping and restores pH balance. Great as a post-chemical process treatment to seal in color or curls. Use weekly as a treatment to rid your hair of dulling buildup.

Chemical Free:
We are all given an equal chance.  Since we are born with healthy hair, we should and could maintain a head of healthy hair.   As children, we had beautiful, baby-soft, luxurious,  shiny hair.  Subjecting our hair to alcohol-based hair sprays, chemical relaxers, blow dryers, and styling irons all cause tremendous damage. But don’t give up hope.  Instead, next time you wash your hair, reach for an Organic Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse. By nourishing it with natures own products; conditioners like that in which is contained in an Apple cider rinse, will your hair’s shine come to life.   Hair this healthy will be addictive!

Using Apple cider when heat styling
Apple cider vinegar rinse solution with cold water in a spray bottle, can be used while heat styling to help close up the hair cuticle and give a smooth shiny finish to hair. A cold-water solution with apple cider rinse can really help it giving your hair the finish you want after heat styling.

Using apple cider rinse to promote hair growth
Apple rinse is acidic, as we know, but so is the normal PH balance state of a healthy scalp. When you your scalp’s PH balance leans towards being alkaline it tends to breed Bactria and fungi is that inhibit, hair growth.

The regular use of Apple cider Vinegar rinses can help keep a normal PH balance with reduces the risk of hair loss due to fungi’s on the scalp.
The benefits of apple cider vinegar on black hair are many, and you can use this product on all hair types and textures as a solution to some of your hair problems.
A cheap and easy to use product that can be found at your local super market. What makes it a great ingredient is not only that you can use as much as you want in your solution of do it your self-hair treatments at home, you can also use as much as you want, as it is cheap as well.

I am going to purchase ACV, incorporate it after my hair rinsing, as a clarifying rinse every month, and I will keep track of how it goes!

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