8 Dec 2013

Tempting! colourz

Look at these colours!!!

Lately, I've been feeling very relaxed about my hair because... it's only hair. It will continue to grow, tresses will continue to grow out from your scalp for the rest of your life, no matter what you do. I think it's good not to be too stressed out by your hair - simply protect it and let it be. 

I know that I am one to experiment and I get bored of things very easily - that includes hair styles. Now, I am tempted to colour my hair sometime soon. I tried Lush Henna once but it failed because I didn't keep it in for too long but it gave me a nice redish tint. I may just highlight a few sections around my head.

Buuuut, look at this beauty above though. RED is bomb! This is too much for me. Seriously, healthy coloured hair is a good look. Live life, love your hair, express yourself! Remember the healthy basics.

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