24 Jun 2014

COCONUT OIL - miracle oil :D

You know how they say, ''to each their own''?

I think I might have just found the perfect oil for my hair. I usually infuse my coconut oil with my whipped shea butter but I never really thought to use it on its own. It's even more perfect because of the weather so its warm and very oily.

I used it to retwist my hair and wow, it made it so much manageable. The shed hair and tangles were literally coming off with ease! I couldn't believe it. I got inspired to use it again after watching My Natural Sistas latest video on their whipped coconut oil ( which I am going to try) but for my next shea butter whip I will definitely increase the amount of coconut I have in it.

Pre-pooing with coconut oil the night before is the best thing ever. Standard staple.

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