5 Mar 2016

Hair Update: New Growth!

Protective Style is Key

I recently uploaded a video on protective styles and in particular focus on my favourite option: kinky twists/mini twists. I had kinky twists in for four weeks and I took them down yesterday (07/feb-05/march). Let me just say... the new growth and thickness took me by surprise! My hair feels so much thicker, and LONGER. It's like it grew like weed in the last month. And, I gave it a trim before I twisted it.

Protective style is so key! Don't take the fact for granted. And I also believe that my regimen (hot oil treatment (JBCO + oils) and avocado deep conditioning) had a lot to do with the wonderful state of my hair. My hair feels amazing. I am still surprised by how much it grew! So this protective styling/avocado thing is a thing! This year will be all about that, more avocado and more protecting, less wash and go's.


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