19 Mar 2016

After detangling...

Let me tell you - my hair was the most easiest to detangle ever experienced! I use my fingers only to detangle my hair now, and the picture at the top is what I was left with from the shed hair. Sticking to fingers only has taught me about my hair, and how to properly handle it, and remove knots and tangles. That pre-poo did the magic. Also, can you notice my hair has thickened up? I noticed I had a lot more sections to twist up. JBCO hot oil treatment is doing the work!

Once I twisted my hair up, I went on to shampoo and deep condition with my avocado treatment. Only one twist untwisted so it's fair to say my hair is at a good length. And it feels great to have the twisting done and ready for a stretched look tomorrow. I'll be doing kinky twists tomorrow as the two week break is complete. Protective style time!


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