22 Aug 2012

Relaxing my hair today...


This morning I woke up with this continuous itchy scalp under my weave. I was waiting till the end of the month to start my journey, so that it can grow under the tracks but it seems like I am just too excited to start and the weave is displeasing me. Today I will take off the weave and I will be relaxing the undergrowth of my hair. I haven't relaxed my hair in about 4/5 months and I plan to keep it that way, relaxing it just 3 times a year.

Again, I will stress the fact that there is nothing wrong about relaxers, as long as you ''look for the good ingredients'', know the texture of your hair and thereby know how to avoid the harsh/strong ones.
Now I stumbled upon these packets of Profective No-Lye relaxers today, my mum makes good choices. Until I made this decision to go natural, If I'm honest, I never really payed much attention to the labels, I was going to fix on a weave anyways. 

Benefits of Profective No-Lye Relaxer:
- Anti-damage and no-lye; lye relaxers come in around the 12-14 range, no-lye relaxers have a pH of 9-9.5. The lower PH makes it a milder type of chemical to expose a scalp to.
- Conditioning and moisturising
- Comes with BreakFree leave-in strengthening cream to stop chemical damage and breakage; this can be applied to hair before relaxing AND after relaxing to neutralise hair
- Anti-breakage Strenghtening Cream; daily after-care, prevents breakage, split-ends and dryness

More description:
Blend of natural oils, minerals and proteins that strengthen hair.
  • Strength + growth - wheat, oat and soy proteins
  • Restore + rebuild - wheat germ, olive, flax seed and jojoba oils
  • Hi-shine + heat protection - silk amino acids, and avocado, coconut and grape seed oils
According to other reviews, it leaves hair shiny and healthy. I have used it before but I did not appreciate its benefits, I am soo happy to find this in my house. This is what Rochelle (Blackhairgrow.com) uses, having now achieved her 18' long hair.

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