24 Aug 2012

Decrease relaxer usage

Hey guys,
So you know how this journey is also about making mistakes and learning from it or just simply making changes to routines. Well indeed. I have come to some realisation about using relaxers. I am going to decrease the use of relaxers to just twice a year. I like how the relaxers straighten my hair but I want to decrease using it to see how the effects on my hair would be otherwise, regardless of it being no-lye or not harsh.

Change - 27/08/2012
Okay, guys I'm editting this post. I spoke to my good friend Chi (who aswell is going natural) and she adviced me to completely stop the use of relaxers. After talking to her I realised and I remembered my previous picture post displayed the hair of big haired women. After I took out my last weave my hair was very thick (and as you all know, thick hair CAN be hard to tame), I relaxed it and although I maintained some thickness and got my hair to be straight, I felt guilty. It sounds crazy right? I know, but I felt like the relaxer was too much of an unnatural hair care for my hair. Yes, thick hair can be difficult but there's nothing wrong about that. You can look for other ways to make your hair straight and manageable instead of taking the chemical route. Forget it, even if it says ''soft on hair'' or No-lye, yes they are good benefits, but no, it is still full of chemicals that are harsh. Natural as best as possible, is the way.
I did a mayo treatment on my hair a few days ago and I was very pleased with the result. So yeah, this means I'm coming off relaxers for now, I want that thick hair. I'm happy with where my hair journey is taking me and with the lessons I am learning. Thanks to my friends and personal experiences - the true eye openers.

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