30 Aug 2012

Making my own shea butter cream


I have realised how important it is to keep your hair moisturised. Before commencing this journey I did not like moisturising my hair because I was afraid it would get too 'dirty', not knowing the hair feeds on moisture. I am currently using Luster's Pink Oil as my daily moisturiser. I have had to ditch the Apple Hair Food and Indian Hemp cream because they contain Petroleum which isn't good for your hair. I want to add Shea Butter cream to my daily hair moisturiser/sealant, so I will have two products. I don't want to be using too many different moisturisers on my hair.

As I mentioned earlier, my mum returned from her holiday this morning and I broke the news to her. To my surprise she brought a can of solidified shea butter with her. This butter is good for the body and for the hair. If I wanted to explain the benefits of this cream, it would take all day. Winter is coming and I need a good protectant, so I will be going shopping with my mum to buy the extra ingredients to make this concoction. I have a spare plastic bottle ready to fill it up with. Instead of buying the Unrefined Shea Butter product from the shops (which I failed to find), I will just prepare my own daily moisturiser. I've got the solidified shea butter already.

What I will then do next:

Shea Butter Hair and Skin Homemade Recipe
- 1.5 cup of Shea Butter
- ½ Cup of coconut oil
- 1 tsp. Of Vitamin E Oil (preservative)
- ½ ounce of fragrance oil/lavender

Heat shea butter slowly in a medium sized saucepan until the butter is in liquid form. When it is liquid add in the coconut oil and mix/whip it around until both are incorporated and it becomes thicker. While it is still somewhat liquid, add the Vitamin E oil and the fragrance oil.

Whip the mixture again (for about 30 minutes). The consistency should resemble yogurt in smoothness. Add some fragrance oil. When you have reached the desired consistency you can spoon your finished product into a container. Use as often as needed as a daily skin and hair moisturizer. This is a very good replacement for commercial hair oils and skin lotions.

Shea butter has numerous benefits for hair and skin:

  • Shea butter provides moisture to dry and damaged hair from the roots to the tips, leaving it healthy and shiny. Because it's rich in vitamins A and E, shea butter soothes dryness, repairs breakage, and mends split ends.
  • Shea butter absorbs quickly and completely into the scalp without clogging pores, leaving a greasy residue, or causing a buildup of oil or dandruff.
  • Shea butter protects hair from weather damage caused by wind, humidity, and extreme dryness, and repairs such damage.
  • Because it's rich in moisture and can shield against harmful ultraviolet radiation, shea butter protects hair from sun damage.
  • If your hair has endured chemical treatments, hot irons, and blow-dryers, shea butter can restore its moisture and vitality.

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