17 Dec 2012

Book to buy: The Science of Black Hair *IMPORTANT HAIR EDUCATION*

See, many of us have carried out various online researches ranging from blogs to vlogs and youtube channels etc. However, it is important to be able to have a nearby source of information that is portable. One that you can look for whenever you're in need of a quick reference or advice. Well, The Science of Black hair is a good one. I've read reviews and ofcourse, my Lisa told me about it and I really want to read it! I shall buy it one day! It is equipped with so much information that will be essential throughout your journey or if you are at the start of one or considering beginning one. I am excited! If you want to know the basics about healthy hair care, check out the links below!

Click here for the details on Amazon

I checked out the authors website! Some really useful basic information is on there which I shall read now:

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