3 Dec 2012

Shopping! New replacement products!

I went to do some hair care products shopping today. I bought:
- Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter moisturiser
- Elasta QP  Soy Oyl Anti-Breakage Moisture-Rich Deep Conditioner

I love Elasta QP products, not only due to their minimum ingredient list and avoidance of harsh substances (see tips) but because of the effects of their products on my hair. This moisturiser has a watery, non-greasy/oily substance which is really good. Many moisturisers I saw on the shelves were oily and sticky in substance, and we know what that does. We are trying to avoid petrolatum, petroleum oil, lanolin etc. I will stop using Luster's pink because it contains those (I read the ingredients list again, however my reasons for using it had been due to my friends and families using the cream, they had good hair!) and it's better to cut it out earlier than later. Henceforth, I will be using my 2 moisturisers, this one and Luster's S-curl (highly recommended, non-greasy!). I'm keeping my regime and products to a minimum. As usual, my sealing cream will be coconut oil, real, actual coconut oil. It has to smell like coconut, although much more expensive.

I cannot believe the way I used to treat my hair prior to this journey. I would use Dax on my hair. I feel like I should ask my hair for forgiveness. Dax is like 99% petroleum, I might aswell had used vaseline on my hair. Yes, they state jojoba oil etc on the ingredient list but I bet it's only 0.000002% of that. Never again. Also, I would leave the relaxer for more than 15 mins on my hair. You want to know how long for? 1-2 hours! Yes, I know, I know. But now I have realised and I am treating my hair like a baby. I love my hair so much, to the extent where the thought of putting weave back on my head again makes me itch.

Now left to buy:
- Organic ACV
- Biona Organic virgin coconut oil (smells like coconut soo much, I could eat it!) around £7.
After I get those, my product list will be completed! :D

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