13 Dec 2012

Get to know about Rose Water!

This beautiful scenting liquid was given and recommended to me by Lisa! I never knew about this, prior to our conversation while she was braiding my hair.
As you know, when you moisturise your hair daily, and you feel like your hair is extra dry or extra thirsty, you can spray water around your hair to quench that thirst. Nevertheless, you could just moisturise your hair with water every day and night before you sleep. Water is healthy! Then you can moisturise before or after and then seal. Well, you can also mix your water spray with rose water or just use rose water as your sole spray.

Currently with my single braids as protective styling, I spray on my scalp with rose water every day (mixture with water for braids), then every other day I moisturise using my massaging fingers using my mango and olive moisturiser and then seal with castor oil! I also use coconut oil to rub my braids until where my hair ends. There are so many benefits of rose water, apart from it being a very cheap hair product, it is highly beneficial and helps to give your hair a nice scent daily. When I take out my braids, I will be using it to moisturise my new growth to make them more manageable. A picture of my rose water bottle:

Benefits of rose water:

1. It has exceptional blood flow stimulating properties and therefore, it can be used as a home remedy for treating hair loss and increasing hair growth.
2. It is a natural moisturiser that helps to recover the quality of your hair.
3. Pure rose water, purchased by you from any reputed shop, is made up of rose oil and distilled water. Alternately, it can be prepared by soaking fresh rose petals in purified water. Hence, there are no artificial components and this natural product does not have any side effects (except an individual sensitivity to roses that might be likely).
4. On account of its innate healing properties, it is useful in treating mild scalp inflammations.
5. It has been found to be effective in treating dandruff that is caused mainly by fungal infections.
6. It is known to make the hair strands stronger and thus, it helps to minimize hair fall.
7. It imparts a delicate and lingering fragrance to your hair, thus giving you a refreshing feeling.

Incorporating rose water into your regimen:

• Rose water can be applied directly on your scalp and hair. Just take a few drops of rosewater and it should be rubbed into your scalp in a gentle manner. This will make your hair look fresh and the quality of your hair would be improved.
• Your regular shampoo can be diluted with rose water while you wash your hair.
• Use a cup of rose water as an after-shampoo-rinse to get deeply conditioned hair.
• Glycerin and rose water should be mixed in equal quantities and the mixture has to be applied on your scalp. Massage your scalp gently with the help of your finger tips. Let it remain on your scalp for around thirty minutes and shampoo your hair. This can be done once in every week for five or six months to get nourished hair and scalp.
• Home made shampoo with rosewater: To make the shampoo, you would require rose water (1/4 cup), rum (1/4 cup), three eggs and vinegar. This natural shampoo is extremely good for oily hair. First of all, the eggs have to be beaten thoroughly in a large bowl. Add rose water and rum in the quantities mentioned. Massage the mixture into your hair and scalp; start with your scalp area and work your way down to the hair-ends. If your hair tends to be extremely oily, leaving this shampoo for a couple of minutes will be beneficial. Rinse it in vinegar as this will strip the excess oils and restore natural sheen to your hair.

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Aloe & Rosewater Moisture Hair Spray

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