7 Dec 2012

Protective Styling: braids !

Guys, the braids I did last time were awesome, for me, and for my hair! I want them again. I am going to need a really good protective styling for the winter ''winterising my hair'' and for the holidays too! Keeping my hair protected is key and braids make me feel more natural. No more weave. I tell everyone. I shall be doing black and some wine red braids, since I did brown highlights last time. Let's see how it goes :D I am going to search up ways to keep my hair in good condition while in braids. I don't want to buy braids  sprays, products etc. from the shop but I would rather make my own braids hair care treatments. Braids will help me retain length and growth. One thing I would never do though, is do micro-braids (too much risk!), I will be doing thick braids, about the same thickness as my hair.

I just did my hot oil treatment and conditioned my hair so that it will be in good shape before the braiding.

Lisa will be doing my single braids for me today before we head up to my uni christmas party!

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